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Thursday, July 29th, 2010
12:44 pm - I'm not dead
However, I am also NOT undead. Which is sad.


Fuck no I don't want to be a vampire!

It's all about the liches baby.


So why *haven't* I been posting to LiveJournal for the past... uh, year?

Well, there's many things. Mostly because I feel that I have nothing substantially lengthy to say. All I have are juicy tidbits and snarky snacks. And that's what Facebook is for. Gone are the days when I could brood on an idea for hours, then sit down and voila! Instant LJ entry.

I also discovered Tumblr, and though my thing there is merely a placeholder, I can imagine it's where entries will eventually go.

And finally, LJ is so 90's. LOL. I'm not kidding. I know *a lot* of people who still have their journals here, and they are fine pieces of work I must say. But the young 'uns, Generation Y, do they know this site even exists? And you know me, it's all about the youth.


Eternal youth? I suppose that's what vampires are good for.

But think about it this way - Edward Cullen, or Palpatine?

Yeah, thought so too. Plus, I could cast an illusion and PRETEND TO BE THE POPE.

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Friday, September 4th, 2009
12:58 am - (Repost) How to Get an Elective in UCLA
For my 2012 friends, here was my original post last July 15, 2008.

Note that for UCLA, only a regular tourist visa is required - no need to apply for a student visa.


1. Decide that you will get an elective in UCLA. You will need to be an ICC (i.e. LU 5) to be able to apply.

2. Orient yourself with the College of Medicine's OCEP program. (note, orient first, no need to accomplish the forms just yet)

3. Sign up for an application form from UCLA.
HERE --> http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/visitingstudents/internq2.cfm <-- HERE

*** Note that the website requires you to be an incoming graduating medical student. But UP has a unique curriculum, so we're the only medical school in the galaxy that graduates as interns, and not as clerks. But for all intents and purposes, you're eligible for this elective as long as you satisfy #1. Don't worry, you can ask the college for a letter clarifying and certifying all of this. So in the website, under Enter your anticipated date of graduation, put in the month and year you'll finish clerkship.***

4. While waiting for the package from UCLA to arrive (it will take weeks), accomplish the local OCEP forms. This includes getting a local preceptor, finishing your learning contract, getting a bajillion vaccinations given and titers taken, then having like seven very busy doctors sign the so-called "sig sheet". Good luck.

5. (I'm assuming you already have a passport and US visa. If not, then this is actually STEP ZERO)

6. When the package arrives, accomplish it then send it out ASAP. (Take note that accomplishing it also requires filling out the HIPAA compliance, which is online. The application form has the address.) Remember that you can't send it out unless you complete all the vaccinations/titers, so make sure you got injected/extracted early on.

7. If you have a relative in the US who is near UCLA, mail it to them, so they can send it to UCLA. Otherwise, mail it through the Philippine Post Office (they have a booth in front of Max's, 4th floor Rob Place Manila). UPS or Fedex won't accept the package because the address is a PO box. As you have seen in movies, these delivery services require someone to countersign the package, and that's not gonna happen if it's a PO box.

8. Wait. Pray that nothing wrong happens to your package. Be productive by completing the OCEP requirements. (yeah, I know you haven't finished them yet) Scout around (via relatives, or the internet, ex. craigslist.org) for potential places to stay. If you can stay at your relatives', even better.

9. Once you get your confirmation letter, flaunt it around. Quietly. Since the letter is sent via e-mail, you can't really flaunt it, unless you print it out then flaunt it, but that's super tacky.

10. Time to book a flight. Don't fly American Airlines, for the love of the Lord God. I had to learn that the hard way.

11. Confirm everything: Your flight, your papers, your housing, your budget, your cellphone's roaming status (if a lot of you are going to the US, consider investing in a US cellphone. Most of the providers have unli calls in their plans, some even have out-of-state unli calls. Consider Metro PCS, that's what I used, no hitches).

12. Congratulations! If you're rotating in Endocrinology at the Gonda Diabetes Center, say hi to Ate Joy for me. If not, say hi to the Filipino cashiers at the Med Cafeteria for me. Huwag yung masungit na lalaki(?) ha, ung babaeng mabait. hehehe.

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Monday, March 23rd, 2009
11:28 am - wai
hala, ang mga pinagcho-chotor-chotor ko sa Ahead puro graduation this graduation that ang mga entries, lahat sila naka sentiMENTAL (emphasis mental) mode ehehehe.

Congrats guys and gals! You could've done it without me! Ahaha! Thank you for funding my iPod, my new video card, and a new bottle of Bvlgari blue (na naubos ko na).

hehehe biro lang. Laging tandaan, "nasaan man kayo, lagi kayo naroroon."

"Where ever you go, there you are."
- Goat Shrine, Diablo

(1 spell memorized | speak to me the words of magic)

Instructions: Go to www.urbandictionary.com and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you. I guarantee you're gonna find some pretty hilarious results.


Rodney is another word for erection.

I had a rodney while driving to work the other day.

*** AGE: 26

750ml of alky

1 mickey + 1 mickey = a 26


a fat punk who can't get a woman. To be punked or rejected in some manner and then try to get payback.

OMG, he was sonnyied. ha ha.

To masturbate furiously in your room while praying that your grandma doesn't come in.

GET OUT GRANDMA! I was sleeping.
Those were sleeping noises grandma.

- Smoke emitting from marijuana.
- Purple Haze

Pass the Indigo cuz.
My head is bumpin' blaze the purple haze and let loose the indigo.


24, The Jack Bauer Power Hour. The most entertainment you can stuff into a single day. Full of twists, turns, violence, and Elisha Cuthbert.
I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead.


The month that gives women the best excuse to ask for expensive jewlery. This is also the best month for men to find something to give to women so they get a blow job without guilt.
"What do you mean,'why do I want a 5 carat diamond?' Because it's V-day month. Yes, February you idiot!"
"Yes, I will give you a blow job in February if you buy me that diamond on Valentine's day."


Another term for foxy or sexy.

Veronica Vawn is sooo elaine.


the technical definition of the feeling of skin after being in water too long. Some americans say "pruny" or "wrinkly" but the british definition is Frod.

"Ugh.. my fingers have gone all frod"
"I stayed in the bath too long and now my skin feels all frod"

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Monday, March 16th, 2009
12:17 pm - parati na lang
akong nagkakasakit these days.

Is this the beginning of the end?


Wow, when was the last time nag-entry ako dito?

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Sunday, February 15th, 2009
2:49 am - j00 feel it 2?

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Sunday, January 25th, 2009
6:19 pm - Nothing beats
hanging out with a bunch of immature grown-up men who like playing computer games 'till breakfast time, and then having breakfast with them. HAHAHA. Longest gaming session ever.


And we may have found a first-person shooter (FPS, think doom or counterstrike) to alternate between bouts of DOTA. I am referring to Left 4 Dead (link). It rocks! We even got to play with some of our grade school/high school batchmates. (Considering we were at Blue Skies, it's not that hard to run into them.)


What a useless entry, lol. Have to run for the clinics! Later!

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
11:09 am - The 59K question
Clerk-who-lives-under-a-hefty-rock just got wind of this latest news.

Is it true? Is UP Med really going to cost ~59K/year?

Check out this entry (link).


Back when I was applying for med school, the lure of UP Medicine lay in it being one of the (if not the) best medical schools in the country. It definitely didn't hurt that the tuition was around 11k/sem. The only hitch was it was also the hardest to get into.

But now, things have changed drastically. Yes, UP still has its excellent training. But now, there are so many hitches. Aside from the difficulty of getting in, now there is a compulsary 2-year return-of-service agreement. The nice little bonus of 11k/sem isn't so nice anymore at 30k/sem.


So if you were a college senior right now, considering a medical career, is UP Med still top banana? I'm seriously reconsidering that. Yes, the tution, even if it has ballooned, is still below market price, and yes, it still has excellent training grounds, but knowing what I know now, I'm not too sure how much learning an indentured servant really obtains.


I heard a rumor that St. Luke's is closing down their med school?

Anyway, it seems to me that given these changes in the situation, Ateneo Med is becoming more and more of a viable choice. Tuition there is at par with UST, which means it's expensive. Also, it's a new medical school, hence they do not have a track record to speak of.

But knowing Ateneo, I'm sure they didn't get into the med school gig with half-assed plans, considering that they founded the school right when most people would prefer to go into nursing. Graduating with both an MD and a Masters in Management is definitely a plus.

Combined with the fact that they don't tie you down for two more years after you graduate, and the fact that you get to work in the new Medical City, where everything is shiny and new and supplies never run out (I hope), it seems my arguments are speaking for themselves. Where ASMPH is a flower blossoming, UPCM is a vise tightening.

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Saturday, January 17th, 2009
9:44 pm - by the powah
of the Cauliflower House, I bring you...

my blog entry! muahahaa!


I have nothing substantial to say today. I just wanted to reinforce my tenureship of this website by posting this.


My visit to her house has a three-fold purpose, which I will reveal to be:

1. Yearbook stuff
2. Stuff my face
3. Get the good stuff

In that order. We're done with 1 and 2, and now I'm deep in the juicy tidbits of #3. To those in the know, sorry guys, I'm in the know-er. Hehehe.


WAAAAAAH. I love Ophtha. And I'm leaving it na for my ORL rotation. During one of my ward duties in SOJR, I had a talk with one of the department's more brimstone and fire recruiters, and he's got me swearing for his bible. Crap.

So now I'm seriously reconsidering my career path. Is it Diabetes, or Cataracts? HRRRRRM.


I would just like to state, for the record, THAT I HAVE MADE ZERO PROGRESS IN MY IM PAPERS pa rin.

Why am I so tamad?

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
1:24 pm - yiff
holy tittyfu*kin' Ezekiel, I have made absolutely ZERO progress in the my homework for the holidays.

You see, there's the problem - the words 'homework' and 'holidays' in the same sentence.

Believe it or not, I'm gradually turning into this thing that they call an 'adult' -- specifically because I'm actually stressing out over my undone work. A year or two ago I wouldn't even feel a twinge of conscience. Very bothersome indeed.

Meanwhile, Melkor gathers dust in his black bag. (Yeah, I changed his name - Temeraire doesn't sound black enough. And since he's still all sleek and shiney, I don't think he should be named Morgoth.)

... and I fell asleep. Hay. Ituloy ko na ito. Yung tulog ha, hindi yung papers.

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
9:23 am - E kinuha rin nila e, so...

You are an Elite

An Elite, known as "Idealists" in the Jungian typology is typically the player
who is the most dedicated to the spirit of the game. Idealists are typically proud
individials who enjoy the feel of the game. Even while getting tripple and
quadriple kills they have an impressive amount of spare energy to teach the newer
players how to play. They are typically the ones who show good sportsmanship and also
the players who lead their team to victory in the role of a carry hero. Elites
are the kind of players who will turn a heroes like razor, spectre or even meepo into
a unstopple killing machine in 30 minutes and still have the time to drink their tea.

(speak to me the words of magic)

Saturday, December 27th, 2008
8:23 am - Ang Entring lumalabo(y)
Ako'y nagtataka sa Paskong kay lamig
Doon pa nadama init ng pag-ibig

Asa. Ako pa, founding member ng TIIS (T****Ina I'm Single), liaison to Samahan ng mga Malalamig ang Pasko at Kapatiran ng mga Sawi sa Pag-ibig?

No. Ang nadama ko ay ang init ng wallet ko. Because, siyempre, pag nasusunog ang pera mo, umiinit ang (dating) kinalalagyan nito, right?

Dahil may kasabihan tayo: 'Pag walang usok, walang nagluluto.


Sa sanggol at ina puso'y huwag isara
At sa bawat isa, puso mo'y buksan na

Moral of the story: Kung walang pantustos, huwag padalos-dalos. (generic salawikain)
Pwede ring: Pare, use a rubber, para 'di bummer. (conyo interpretation)
O kaya: Distancia para iwas disgrasya. (bumper sticker slash 18-wheeler version)


Wala akong magawa. (Pero maraming dapat gawin)
Nababato na ako. (Sa dami ng homework ko)
Nakakatamad gumimik. (Walang pera)
Anong gagawin ko sa buhay ko? (E 'di mag...)

Magdo-DOTA na lang ako
Magkukulong sa kwarto
Walang istorbo
Magdo-DOTA na lang ako
hanggang tumirik mata ko!

Magdo-DOTA na lang ako
Tutal adik naman ako
Magdo-DOTAng mag-isa
Pero mas masaya
kung may kasamang


Ampuch yan I just made a DOTA song. Damn. Guys, save me from myself.

Aw shit don't tell me baseline ko na yung pagiging toxic sa hospital para hindi ako masiraan ng bait.


Home is behind
The world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow
To the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight

Mist and shadow
Cloud and shade
All shall fade
All shall... fade

Love this scene talaga from that movie. Whenever I feel down, stupid, bored, or any combination of the three, I go to sleep.

Hahahaha, I just found a copy of LOTR-ROTK laying about, and popped it in a few days ago.


Weird weird entry.

(speak to me the words of magic)

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
10:30 am - never again, no, no never again
11:10 PM, December 24, 3008

I'm waiting for my mom to finish her Christmas Eve Mass at Pentecost by adsorbing the free wi-fi here at Petron Treats Katipunan. I would be irritated by the non-stop medley of carols on the PA system were it not for these earphones.

Current song: Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Calvertron Remix) by Chemical Brothers

And hey, I'm not alone. Lots of yuppies outside plinking away at their laptops too. Or laughing in between sips of cheap coffee and conversation (the Starbucks beside us is closed).

Can I finally say that the "spirit of Christmas" is, for me, dead? Maybe. Like I jumped the gun and went ahead with disregarding the holidays, such as what I'd do next year when I take my medical internship.

Secular bastard that I am, I won't rot in Hell. No, Hell is punishment for those who believe in God yet, in spite of that rather salient fact, reject him.

My soul will be used as the mortar that binds the Wall of the Faithless together. In time, I will fuse with it, and lose my identity for all eternity.



If I'm going abroad, holidays there would probably be even more secular than here in the Philippine islands, Asia's Pearl of Catholicism, Vatican's Lady of Particular Favours.


And there calls my mom. Ok guys, so much for pretending that I live in a world without the holidays. I'll fetch her and then, at home, try my very best not to eat my body weight in food.

Current Song: You're a God by Vertical Horizon (wahaha)

(speak to me the words of magic)

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
3:24 pm - clarion call?
READ this---> http://medscape.typepad.com/thedifferential/2008/12/will-resident-w.html

"Shift length now: 30 hours (admitting patients up to 24 hours, then 6 additional hours for transitional and educational activities)

Proposed shift length: 30 hours (admitting patients for up to 16 hours, plus 5-hour protected sleep period between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., with the remaining hours for transition and educational activities); 16 hours if no protected sleep period

Time off between shifts now: 10 hours

Proposed time off: 10 hours after day shift; 12 hours after night shift; 14 hours after any extended duty period of 30 hours, with no return until 6 a.m. of next day

Days off now: 4 days per month; 1 day (24 hours) per week, averaged over 4 weeks

Proposed days off: 5 days per month; 1 day (24 hours) per week with no averaging; at least 1 48-hour period off per month"


For even more fun, read the comments at the bottom of the page.


Can you hear the pure, crisp note?

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008
3:52 am - TRP rin pala
Last Friday (December 5, 2008), I watched the 35th Tao Rin Pala, or TRP Concert at the Fleur-de-Lis Theater of St. Paul College Manila. Organized by the Medical Students' Society of UP Medicine, the annual concert features production numbers from different student batches, school organizations, faculty and staff, and the yearly TRP Chorale Competition, all highlighting the extra-medical talents of the people who run the Philippine General Hospital, demonstrating that they, too, are people. The 35th TRP's theme is "A Night of Magic"; past themes have included "At the Movies", "Noypi", and "Vegas".

Traditionally a Christmastime event, the 34th TRP (Vegas) was moved to early January of 2008 to serve as the kick-off event for the University of the Philippines- Manila centennial celebration. Coming full circle, the event Friday served as the culminating activity that featured performances not just from the College of Medicine, but also from the College of Allied Medical Professions, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Dentistry, the College of Public Health, the College of Nursing, the School of Health Sciences from Palo, Leyte, the National Institute of Health, and the National Teacher's Training Center, to name a few.


Notice that if this were a real news article, the main topic would be "I watched TRP 35". Hahaha how newsworthy. Kidding aside, this TRP for me signifies a few firsts.

1. The first TRP where I didn't sing.
2. The first TRP where I didn't perform (boo).
3. The first TRP that I saw in its complete and total entirety.

There are reasons for this. As 4th year medical students (clerks), we're no longer eligible to join the Chorale Competition, which is only open to the first 3 years. Due to scheduling difficulties (i.e. I was on duty while there were practices) and my slow recovery from a bout of flu, I was unable to perform in our class presentation. These first two reasons combined allowed me to seat my ass firmly for all the 6-odd hours of TRP 35.

And that experience in itself has led me to further insights about this program.

Apparently, the reason why TRP has figured so prominently in the lives of UPCM students for the first 3 years is that they're contestants and performers in the show -- I'm saying, you can't perform in show without investing heavily in it.

This year, as a total spectator, I now notice that this program is rather long, and can benefit from streamlining. And some of the numbers were not so good. (Well. In my personal opinion.)  Luckily, some were unexpected blockbusters -- such as the NIH presentation. I mean, Dra. Carmencita Padilla, NIH director, in complete Snow White costume? Le-ve-ling *handmotion*.

Oh yeah, this year there was a dance contest (with matching cash prize) , which isn't a regular feature of the TRP. The cash prizes, I mean. So congratulations to UP Medrhythmics for representing the College of Medicine and winning the contest! I mean, you should see them - they're almost pros. Yeah, "almost" because they don't just dance - they practice medicine too. Incidentally, they were tied for first place by the College of Arts and Sciences, but I personally believe that that was just a cop-out to them. Yes, they had good hip-hop dancers, but the overall presentation wasn't as polished and cohesive as Medrhythmics'.


Being a non-participant in the Chorale Competition gave me a chance to be as impartial as a human could be when it came to judging (for myself, hehe since I'm not a judge) which class had the best song. I used to think that this was excruciatingly difficult, (especially during those years when we lost, hehe) because all the batches' songs have salient points to recommend them.

Well, frankly, not so this year. I swear, after hearing the very first melody line of the tenors in Class 2012's "The OSCE Song", (http://bonmaceda.multiply.com/video/item/8/The_OSCE_Song.AVI) the erector pili muscles governing the hairs on my forearms all activated (translation: kinilabutan ako), and I knew that they would effin' win this.

Maybe I'm partial to fun songs and superb melody hooks, but let's face it, songs that sell, songs that stick to your heads (causing nights of endless LSS),  and songs that last, are songs that are singable. An excellent example would be Class 2009's "Buhay Medisina" (http://drkat.multiply.com/video/item/9/Buhay_Medisina_-_UP_MedChoir_-_ChoralWoRx), which I sing every now and then when it gets so toxic in the wards (hahaha ang drama) - note that this song trashed ours ha, but I don't care, it's really catchy.

So there. Now I want a copy of The OSCE Song's lyrics because it's now a damn LSS in my head.


Next year 2010! It's our last class production number. Yes 2012 has successfully inherited the "even" batches' prowess in performance, but we can show the whippersnappers a thing or two about performance levels, as we did during our TRP opening number (TRP 32), and when we won best production number (with cash prize!) last TRP 34. But we're gonna be interns already - that's gonna be hard. Butttth! (Dejoras, 2008) - I'm sure we can pull it off.

Humanda kayo mga kids! Next year iikot mga bra niyo't liliparin mga panty niyo! Hahahaha!

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